Vieira: “Important” to Win at Home


Last season NYCFC’s year was marked by mediocre results at Yankee Stadium but their start to the 2017 season appears to have put that in the rear view mirror. Head coach Patrick Vieira even want so far as to emphasis the importance of winning at home this year.

“When you look at last year, we struggled at home,” said Vieira to the press following his team’s 4-0 home opener. “It was important to win our first home game and we did it today in a really good way.”

Last year NYCFC was 8-3-6 at Yankee Stadium with the glaring statistic being the six draws. Those dropped points are what kept them out of contention for first place in the Eastern Conference and pointed out the team’s lack of focus late in games.

“When you’re winning 3-0 you can be overconfident and take too many touches,” said Vieira. “That’s when you lose two or three balls and give the opposition confidence. That shouldn’t happen which is a part of the game we need to learn and improve from as a team. How can we keep it simple when we are winning?”

Vieira was confident in his team and their tactics after week one despite not getting a goal in Orlando. New York dominated almost every other statistical category except the one that matters most, the score line. This week the ball bounced fortuitously for several players and NYCFC was able to capitalize on opportunities.

“When you look at the tactical and physical side of the game, I was really satisfied because the players respected the game plan,” said Vieira. “When it was difficult, we kept our philosophy and that’s really important to me.”